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3d views and step files. At zedflo, we stock both portable and fixed installation meters, and these can be used without the need to cut the pipe wall.

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Our emflux flow meters are still made in australia.

Water flow meters australia. Download detailed views and step files for direct import into your system schematic. Flomec® has an extensive range of water flow meters for a wide variety commercial and industrial applications. Magflux® flowmeters are developed for measurements in all types of conductive liquids, including measurement of flow in drinking water, wastewater, sludge and process water.

Flow measurement in history our interest in the measurement of air and water flow is timeless. Flow meters measure the flow rate or quantity of liquids, gases or steam that is moving through a pipe. Bermad water technologies are the exclusive australian distributors of the euromag range of eletromagnetic flow meters, suitable for water, wastewater and industrial applications.

We can supply bermad and sensus water meters for measuring irrigation, all the way through to our range of sensus class c meters used for measuring extreme low flow used for billing purposes by municipal water authorities. The rotameters consist of a tube and float, the float response to flow rate changes is linear. 20, 25, 32 and 40mm sizes.

Manufactured in australia and the united states under the some of the highest production standards in the world, the flomec® range of water flow meters are designed to delivery reliability, precision and confidence. Watch our short interview with siemens water expert, john kearton, who explains what the flow meter requirements are and where to start. Manuflo is a designer/manufacturer of flowmeters, indicators, and interface and control process measurement products.

Ultrasonic flow meters are versatile and adaptable, and are suitable for use in a wide range of applications. Multiple electrodes placed across the entire sensor body at the equal area, measure and report the average flow rate over the full diameter of the pipe. We are also highly renowned for our large flow switch range and are here to assist with finding the right product for your.

Our water flow meters can be supplied as panel or inline tube type, and with either bsp threaded or metric solvent socket connections. There are many names associated to devices used to measure liquid and gases including: The water rotameters are industrial flow meters used to measure the flow rate of water.

Magflux flowmeters are manufactured with carbon steel and stainless steel for flange or wafer connections and lining in hard or soft rubber and ptfe/pfa. Flomec® are a leading australian manufacturer of positive displacement oval gear, insertion, turbine, ultrasonic, and electromagnetic flow measurement technology, as well as ancillary flow hardware and dedicated electronic flow instrumentation such as rate totalisers and batch controllers. Aquamonix have been providing remote monitoring and flow metering solutions for irrigation, resources and government clients for over 35 years and as an australian owned business who still manufactures in australia, you can trust aquamonix to provide quality emflux flow meters without delay.

Knowledge of the direction and velocity of air flow was essential information for all ancient navigators, and the ability to measure water flow was necessary for the fair distribution of water through the aqueducts of such early communities as the sumerian cities of ur, kish, and mari near the tigris. Our water flow meters are manufactured here in australia and overseas and we supply all types from basic mechanical meters up to ultrasonic clamp on style meters. Banjo flow meters are available in 1”, 2, and 3 sizes, and have the ability to meter the input and output of product or fluids.

Cold water pd flowmeters with running total & pulse output. Watermaster is the ultimate solution for flow measurement and management in sectors as diverse as water, waste water, sewage and effluent. Flow indicator, liquid meter and flow gauge.

Elster metering is australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of water meters for domestic, commercial, industrial and irrigation applications. Have been servicing the australian market since 1986 with all types of flow meters including, air flow meters, water meters, rotameters, fuel flow meters, batching systems & instrumentation. The global water fm500 ultrasonic flow meters provide accurate and trouble free flow metering for a wide range full pipe applications including:

Procon instrument technology can supply and support the following types of flowmeters from leading suppliers: Potable water, raw wastewater, effluent, well water, slurries, or virtually any sound conducting liquid. Our products are primarily used in liquid measurement applications and extensively in the premix concrete industry for measurement of construction chemical additives and fresh/recycle waters.

They are available in battery, external or solar powered. Full pipe electromagnetic flow meter. Hot water (to 90 c) single jet combined running total & pulse output flowmeters.

Water meters bermad water technologies has the widest range of water meters in australia. Our comprehensive range of flowmeters.

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